GAN Inversion for Out-of-Range Images with Geometric Transformations

ICCV 2021



For successful semantic editing of real images, it is critical for a GAN inversion method to find an in-domain latent code that aligns with the domain of a pre-trained GAN model. Unfortunately, such in-domain latent codes can be found only for in-range images that align with the training images of a GAN model. In this paper, we propose BDInvert, a novel GAN inversion approach to semantic editing of out-of-range images that are geometrically unaligned with the training images of a GAN model. To find a latent code that is semantically editable, BDInvert inverts an input out-of-range image into an alternative latent space than the original latent space. We also propose a regularized inversion method to find a solution that supports semantic editing in the alternative space. Our experiments show that BDInvert effectively supports semantic editing of out-of-range images with geometric transformations.

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